Craig Is Cool!

Now you too can add a Cool Craig that you know to the list!
That's just how cool we are!

Before you get to fill out the form, you need to read the rules.

  1. You can only add "Craig", no Greg's or Bob's or Janice's or whoever else
  2. You must know, know of or be the Craig in question
  3. Craig must be over 18 or not a person
  4. Craig as a last name is currently not acceptable.
  5. The link must be relevant to the Craig in question
  6. The link cannot be an email address.
  7. The link should not be a redirect
  8. If Craig is not a person you must state what it is and provide a link
    e.g. Craig (the bird), then include a link to a picture.
  9. You can post a city or monumnet or building etc., just say which state/province and/or country you are in.
  10. You may give Craig's nickname/handle only if posting a link
  11. No porn or spam links, even if it is about a Craig
  12. You must provide a valid email address (see below)
  13. Know that your IP will be logged (see below)
  14. All posting are subject to review and approval and may be removed at anytime
  15. You must agree to these rules.

So a few simple rules, do you agree to them?

I have read and agree to these rules

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Why do we need a valid email?
A valid email is needed to validate the form. This is in an effort to prevent spammers. Your email will not be sold or distributed or used in any other purpose. Craig's hate spam as much as the rest of you.

Why is my IP being logged?
Basically the same reason as above. If the site is spammed, I want to know who's doing it so I can block them. I hate being spammed.

What about my privacy?
The privacy policy is simple. We take any information that you provide and use it to do form validation, post said cool Craig, verify that you are infact a user and not a spamming robot and to help improve the usability of the site (that nifty thing that remembers your name). That's it. If you are a Craig and want your name/link removed from this list then you need to contact us via the removal request form (one day to be located on the home page). To clarify, all information entered is subject to the these terms: any information that you give to will be used only for the purpose of this site. There is no selling, giving away, sharing, or other use of your information. We want you to feel safe and comfortable using this site. Now to cover our bottoms in case something nasty does happen, we are not to be held reliable for somebody hacking the system (which is a professionally run server, not by us) and stealing any information that might be there at the time. We all hope that never happens! As a final word, if you don't understand it or don't trust it, don't use it. I hope you feel that your privacy is safe here.